Performance based on the prose writings Disgust and Cockroaches by N.G.Pentzikis.
“What is it I swallowed? It blocks my throat.
The esophagus, a straight tight black tube, rubbery.
A tire tube you try to puncture with your finger.”
              for three actors and two microphones
for ennui and patent
                                for bugs and food
Our vertiginous relation to matter / The mumble of a metaphysics of cheapness
One hundred years since the birth of N.G.Pentzikis (1908)


Actors: Vicky Kyriakoulakou, Constantinos Hadzinikolaou, Despina Hadzipavlidou
Text: Nikos Gabriil Pentzikis
Director: Vassilis Noulas
Assistant director: Natassa Noutsi
Stage design: Vassilis Noulas
Costumery: Natassa Noutsi
Lyrics: Constantinos Hadzinikolaou
Playbill – programme: Yiannis Karalis, Emy Kitsali
[jan-feb 2008, premiere: 14 january 2008]
[apr 2008, premiere: 2 april 2008]
[16 may 2008]


14-18.5.2008 - ATHENS SYSTEM 2008 
"Disgust" [en]

24.2.2008 - KATHIMERINI 
by Olga Sella
28.2.2008 - PONTIKI ART
"plus + minus" [gr]
3.4.2008 - THEATRE FOR ALL
by Antigonos

17.4.2008 - PONTIKI ART 
"The momentum of the new: N.G. Pentzikis' Disgust by Nova Melancholia" [gr] 
by Eleni Petassi 
5.2008 - FOYER [#22] 
"Nova Melancholia. Looking for the new that contains the old" [gr] 
Vassilis Noulas' interview to Maria Kyriaki 
disgust _ nova melancholia (01)disgust _ nova melancholia (02)nova melancholia _ disgust (07)disgust _ nova melancholia (03)disgust _ nova melancholia (04)disgust _ nova melancholia (05)disgust _ nova melancholia (06)disgust - nova melancholia 08