“How to poetically inhabit a room’s space and time, with so many objects around?
There is also a balcony, from where you can see the city.”


A performance by Nova Melancholia, a parallel event to the art exhibition Receptor - into the bag (curated by: Ioanna Myrka & Sofia Simaki).

It is about an attempt to poetically (and physically) inhabiting an art gallery and to materialize a co-habitation with the objects-artworks. Yet and at the same time, this co-habitation seems to be a departure, a farewell, an adieu, an exit from the exhibition’s “Receptor”. In the end, the performance finishes in a space between the “inside” and the “outside”, out at the gallery’s balcony from where one can gaze to the city.



Idea: Vassilis Noulas
Performer: Vicky Kyriakoulakou
Duration: 25 min.
Photos: Kostas Tzimoulis
 CAMP! - Contemporary Art Meeting Point, Athens
nova melancholia - artwork Noulasnova melancholia - artwork Tzimoulisnova melancholia - audiencenova melancholia - artwork Simakinova melancholia - windows and videosnova melancholia - artwork Lymberatosnova melancholia - end