Homemade performance
about the refrigerator door gasket
the plug and wire of the toaster
the cloth for the old vinyl records
the braids of the curtain

based on the short story "stillness. Stillness" by Marios Pontikas from his collection of short stories entitled "Long Live" (Gavrielides, 2012)
with: Vicky Kyriakoulakou, Vassilis Noulas, Kostas Tzimoulis
free admission with voluntary contribution
starts at: 18.30
duration: 55 min. 
► in an apartment in Exarcheia, 56 Notara Street
May-July 2015 | premiere : Friday 29 May 2015 
Sept-Oct 2015 | premiere : Friday 25 Sept 2015 


"This is a performance -carefully worked out in its details- which unveils to the audience the essential behind the familiar, with underlying humor, irony and imperceptible subversiveness. All this is done in a "handmade", analogue manner, most appropriate for our times."
Evi Proussali – Athens Voice

"Nova Melancholia, with its particular and overwhelmingly creative visual language, sees Pontikas’ texts in a totally new spirit."  
Natalia Damigou-Papoti – LEFT.GR

"Stillness – the moving / truthfully avant garde new performance of Nova Melancholia (inspired by Pontikas’ texts) was the only thing that really touched us lately. In an apartment on Notara Street, a home full of middleclass memories and stuffed with feeling."
Ioanna Kleftogianni - Instagram



23.5.2015 - TA NEA 
"Chamber Performance" [gr]
by Dimitris N. Maniatis

2.6.2015 - ATHENS VOICE
"Stillness, a... homemade performance" [gr]
review by Evi Proussali

3.6.2015 - ATHINORAMA
"Melancholy is a positive thing" [gr]
Ileiana Dimadi interviewing Vassilis Noulas

4.6.2015 - LEFT.GR
"Stillness, right when the sun is setting" [gr]
by Natalia Damigou-Papoti

5.7.2015 - ATHINORAMA
"An appartment and the everyday poetics" [gr]
presentation of the visual show "Where There Is Smoke, There Is Fire" by Ioanna Gomouza 

14.9.2015 - ATHINORAMA
"7 alternative performances that we shouldn't miss this automn" [gr]
by Ileiana Dimadi

29.9.2015 - TOSPIRTO.NET
"I saw: Stillness" [gr]
by Stella Charami

25.12.2015 - POPAGANDA
"The 10 best theatrical performances of 2015" [gr]
by Ioanna Kleftogianni

31.12.2015 - POPAGANDA
"My Year in Pop" [gr]
by Lina Rokou

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