This new production by the avant-garde Nova Melancholia group is based on four short stories from Elias Papadimitrakopoulos’ collection Maritime Hot Baths (1980). The light, languid, summery tone of the performance belies its underlying melancholy and existential dread, lurking in the dark like seaweed beneath a blue sea. The language is low-key, familiar, and precise, flowing smoothly and naturally. By contrast, the characters’ palpable anxiety unmasks the false charms of the summer. Nova Melancholia employs its playful, tongue-in-cheek, deconstructive style to debunk the drowsy daydreaming usually associated with the season. The performance will draw on successful summer-themed and sea-themed films and songs.



Direction: Vassilis Noulas
Set - Costume design - Lighting design: Kostas Tzimoulis
Assistant directors: Silia Koi, Elisavet Xanthopoulou
Live music: Georgia Karydi
Photographs: Kiki Papadopoulou
Production: Athens Festival

Cast: Andonis Gritsis, Eleni Karagiorgi, Athanasios Kouvousis, Vicky Kyriakoulakou, Alexia Sarandopoulou, Despina Chatzipavlidou


24 & 25 JUNE 2017
Duration: 75 min.



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